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Intervista Rai 2021

Intervista Rai 2021

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The Coton de Tuléar comes from Madagascar and derives from the crossing between dogs already present on the island and the Bichons. The latter were not indigenous: they had arrived on the island as mouse hunters, dependent on the boats of the various traders linked to the Madagascar market.
The nation that first welcomed him for colonial reasons was France. Probably, among its ancestors, we also find the Bedlingtown Terrier, from which derives the convex back and the Papillon for spots on the coat.
The hair is characteristic: long, thick and with a consistency similar to cotton; it does not change, but requires assiduous and constant care in order to avoid the formation of knots and felting.
White in color, sometimes with slight apricot or black nuances (usually on the ears), more or less accentuated also on the body. These spots tend to lighten and often disappear completely with growth.
The Coton de Tulear is a breed recognized by the FCI (International Dog Federation) in 1970.
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