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What should I do to have a puppy from your kennel?

It is appreciated the booking of the puppy by e-mail or by telephone specifying the sex and attitude of the puppy (expo or pet).

How much does a puppy cost?

The price of the puppy will vary according to its characteristics (from expo / top selection or pet.

At what age do you deliver the puppy?

The puppies will be delivered between 80 and 100 days from birth with vaccination plan, deworming and specialist visits for the most common pathologies of the breeds.

Do you deliver off-site to the breeding farm?

We always prefer to deliver to the kennel, for the pleasure of knowing the new families of our puppies. For particular agreements on delivery, reference will be made to the contract.

Is there the possibility to pay the puppy in installments?

The form of installments is contemplated in the contract to the extent of 1/3 upon booking, 1/3 upon the choice of the puppy and the remaining 1/3 at the balance of the withdrawal of the puppy.

What guarantees do you give when you deliver a puppy?

Guarantees of good health are given, certified by specialist veterinarians and recorded in the puppy's health book. All puppies come from healthy parents regularly checked before each mating and temperamentally balanced.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your disposal for any other questions!

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